Pictures are NOT to scale.

half inch White Kernmantle RopeHalf Inch Black Kernmantle RopeHalf Inch Yellow Kernmantle Rope

Kernmantle rope consists of an abrasive resistant sheath of braided fibers over a core of parallel fibers which supply most of the rope's strength.  Kernmantle ropes are durable and easy to knot.  Our 1/2" Static Kernmantle rope tests out at 10,000 lbs. and is available in white, black or yellow.

6mm Prussic Cord

Prussic cord (Prussik Cord) is great for general purposes.  It is also good for attachment of accessories.  At Strapworks we carry a variety of colors in our cords.  Some of the cords come with a tracer which is typically one or two different colors woven in with the main color of cord.  Our 1/4" prussic cord tests at 1,500 lbs.

Parachute Cord

Our parachute cord is not actually rated for parachute use, this name simply denotes a 1/8" cord for use in drawstrings or cord locks and comes in black or white.


Braided Polypropylene Rope Our 1/2 inch solid braid polypropylene rope tests out at 750 lbs.  It floats in water and has low stretch.